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Subscriptions are mailed out each week, on Fridays, through the U. S. Postal Service. Most of our local Customers get their newspapers on Saturdays, but occassionally they are delivered on Mondays, depending on the local carrier in your area. However we do not guarantee any deliver dates, due to the fact that we depend on the U. S. Postal Service for delivery. Subscriptions are available on a yearly basis only.

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Caddo or Parish: $65 per year.
(Zipcodes: beginning with 711 and the following other zip codes are only eligible for this rate: 71004, 71007, 71009, 71029, 71033, 71043, 71044, 71047, 71059, 71060, 71061, 71069, 71082, 71037, 71064, 71006)
Outside Of Parish Rate: $78 per year.
Jail or Prison Subscription Rate: $85 per year. (regardless of what parish or zip code the subscription is mailed to.)
OnLine Subscription Rate: $52 per year.
Mailed and Online Version: $99 per year.
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